Upcycled Dog Sweater


Our dog has thin short hair. We really don’t “dress” her too often, but she certainly isn’t an “all-weather dog.” I’ve made her a fabric stash dog jacket in the past. It’s fun for me to look at patterns. Many of the patterns are upcycled people clothes.

I’ve been eying the picture of an recycled dog sweater. When I got an old sweater out, I went to make the dog jacket and realized the pattern was to use  just the sweater sleeve (the dog was smaller than it looked in the thumbnail picture!)  I ended up just putting the sweater on and quickly just tailoring it to our dog. It’s not a perfect fit, but it’s really cute for us to see our dog in long sleeves and a turtleneck.


Here are a bunch more patterns that are fun to look at: http://thecottagemarket.com/2013/10/35-diy-dog-coats.html.

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