Another idea for the Rainbow Loom

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We are coming to the rainbow loom party a little late. My kids are not the exact demographic. Non the less it has taken over our life. I posted on Facebook yesterday this article : Boys Love Rainbow Loom, Defying Stereotype and Delighting Moms Everywhere. My boy is loving it. I have been impressed by his ambition and focus to figure out the different designs. As an avid crafter and artist I am impressed by the inventors and how they designed all the different styles.

It has not all been rainbows and sunshine around the rainbow loom. My four year old (girl) is enamored by it as well. She is currently only making the basic fish tail design. They can work on the loom together if they are both making fish tails. More often than not the big brother wants to make the more fancy bracelets that consume the whole loom. Melt downs!!

So my big girl and I came up with a solution. I suggested the finger technique, but she is not quite coordinated enough. Her coordination is also a problem using the blue tool from the kit.   So I followed Jenny’s lead with a board and a couple nails. Right now I just used two nails, that is all she needs. I chose the board pictured below because it was what we had lying around. I might add more nails if and when she needs them to make the more complicated designs.  Check out Jenny’s post about recreating the whole thing here.

I also needed to convince my daughter that her’s was better and cooler than her brothers. Out came the Sharpies and Hello Kitty stickers!! I wonder if I can sell the prototype to Hello Kitty and or Rainbow Loom?

lrainbow loom2 lrainbow loom


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One Comment

  1. We are a little late to the Rainbow loom, too, but now that it is here, we are all in, too. I’m with you on the patterns, colors, and just to see him engaged in something using fine motor skills. It is a kick to watch the hockey team trade bracelets.
    Cheers! Lilly

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