Edible Gifts and Whimsical Decor


plant decor 3

As the school year winds to an end the teacher thank you gifts are on the top of my to do list. This year, inspired by my vegetable garden, I have been making edible potted plants for teachers (SHHHH don’t tell Mrs. T). I have had great fun searching the local nursery for different color and textured herbs and leafy greens.

plant decor 4

After we put together the pots. I had the girls make garden ornaments to add their touch to the gift. Here is how we put them togehter:

Whimsical Garden Decor


  • metal wire dry cleaning shirt hanger
  • beads (pony beads work great)
  • needle nosed pliers (with cutting capacity)
  • pipe cleaners (optional)


  1. Cut up the shirt hanger into several six inch pieces. I avoided the twisted end because it made threading the beads too difficult. plant decor 2
  2. With the pliers twist one end into a loop.
  3. Have the kids start placing beads on the metal piece. Stop 1/2 way down the wire and bend the wire into a little zigzag this will prevent the beads from falling down. plant decor 1
  4. Stop there if you would like. Or put pipe cleaner “wings” on by twisting the pipe cleaner into two loops and then twisting it between two beads.
  5. Poke into potted plant.


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