Add A Pinch: Yellow Cake Recipe (IS GOOD!)


I’m not a cake fan, but if I had to pick, yellow cake would be my favorite. I’m baking and freezing cakes this week for a cake walk we’re having for my daughter’s birthday next week. The kids will be decorating the cakes themselves and I’m guessing the toppings are going to take over much of the flavor, so I’ve been using the mass production time to test out different recipes. I came across Add A Pinch’s The Best Classic Yellow Cake Recipe. And it takes the cake! (Hardy har har!) No really, it’s wonderful!

Look how pretty!



If only to save the link so I can find it again easily myself, I wanted to share the recipe. I had doubled the recipe and it just baaaarely fit in my 6qt KitchenAid mixer. I had the butter sitting out for a couple days and whipped it up so well it almost filled my bowl, and the eggs room temperature. I convection baked these five all at once at 330 degrees, it took a while.

Even makes this not cake lover drool a little!


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