Coffee Can Storage

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I have a hard time throwing things away. I always think that I can use it for something at some point. Maybe it is my inner artist. Sometimes I don’t think I could be far away from becoming a hoarder. I have taken over a storage room in our basement as my “studio”. It is often hard to walk into. I do clean it out and find all sorts of treasures. Then have a month or so of very productive use of the space. But then some change in the rhythm of life comes and the collection and piles of stuff take over.

The rest of the house is rather neat, as neat as it can be with three busy little ones. I am always looking for ways to get a little more organized. We were in need of something to organize the art supplies in the dinning room. So down to the clutter “studio” we went. And found the box of cylinder coffee and oatmeal containers. I think I was saving them for drums or knew a project like this one would appear.

We have also been collecting some of the really fun duct tape that they have come out with recently. Together we came up with these fun storage containers for markers, paint brushes, and color pencils.

Coffee Can Storage


  • Cylinder food container
  • Duct tape in various colors and patterns
  • Scissors


1. Decorate the cylinders as you please. I cut up small pieces of the tape and my big girl collages the pieces together on the side. Her older brother wrapped the tape around the cylinder to create stripes.

Other resources and ideas
The ability to recognize, compare, and manipulate patterns is the basis for understanding much of mathematics. Practice creating a repeated pattern with the different tapes using the stripes or collage method.

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