September’s Start


I love the first weeks in September. It is a fresh start, like New Years. This feeling is left over from my days of teaching. I love the buzz of excitement of the new school year. The anticipation of who will be in your class, what will the teacher be like, and of course new supplies.  Now that I have kids whose lives are driven by this same calendar it is even more exciting.

All of this however comes with the end of the summer. We have had a great one. It is sad to to realize it is over. Each week was filed with big adventures, friends to see,  family to visit, and lots of beaches. Over the last couple weeks I have been yearning for the regular scheduled programing that comes with school and the fall. It has arrived! Along with perfectly sharpened colored pencils, new backpacks, bright colored sneakers, teacher visits, bus stops, and the promise of a clean slate.

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  1. You and me both, Sarah! I love this time of year (and I LOVE that picture!)

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