Fairy Gardens


IMG_2149I went to our local garden store to pick up peas last week. The peas were supposed to be planted on St. Patrick’s day, but I decided to wait until last nights snow had come and gone. At the garden center I noticed how the fairy garden accessory area has grown. My bigger girl and I decided to see if we could put our own together.

We bought a big terracotta pot for $4.00

For plants: We reused some soil from last summers tomato plant pot. The big girl has a spider plant in her room that is always having babies. There is often a baby spider plant rooting in a clear glass with water in the window. There is also lots of jade plants in our house. Jade can be simply cut and placed right in soil. With the right care it will grow roots.


Decoration: She also has stashes of all sorts of treasures, projects, and experiments. I had her search her room for anything glittery. She also found a gift of DIY wooden doll house furniture. You punch the pieces out and put the furniture together.  She put a couple pieces together and painted them.

Fairy’s: I found these last night. It will appear in her Easter basket Sunday morning. I will let you know how they compliment the fairy garden.

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