Favorite Things This Summer

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Here are a few things I’ve been loving this summer (may contain Amazon affiliate links):

  • Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge Protein Drink I’m loving these for a quick breakfast or snack. We had a few weeks where whatever went on in the morning, I only ended up making myself some iced coffee for breakfast. Since I’ve been loving Orgain protein powder, I was hoping to give the Iced Mocha drink a try. I accidentally ordered chocolate. I’m not a big chocolate fan, so was sort of upset, but I love it! It’s definitely expensive for what I’d normally spend on breakfast, but great alternative to buying coffee, or for kids. My kids don’t love it as much as I do! There are kids versions and other flavors to choose from.
  • The Penderwicks Series My kids and I love audiobooks. My husband not so much. He’ll suffer through for short times, but the kids and I usually have a few road trips per summer that work keeps Dad home. We’ve try to pick a series to listen to throughout a summer. Last summer we did Harry Potter. This summer it’s The Penderwicks. The plots are simple and characters likable and because there are boy and girl characters with a range of ages and personalities, and the plot is fairly everyday realistic, the stories are relatable for all of my kids. There is some boyfriend/girlfriend stuff, especially in the last two books, and no big action or excitement, but my 7 year old son has hung in there and stayed interested. (We’ve been getting them digitally from the library, while we were waiting for one of the books to become available, we took a detour and started James Patterson’s Treasure Hunters
    series, which the boy enjoyed a little more and the girls didn’t love!)
  • Descendants movie on Disney Channel. We’ve watched it twice and the kids bought the soundtrack with their own money about 12 hours after seeing it the first time. As far as cinematic masterpieces go, this is not one, but as far as kids movies go, the premise is good, and since we watch Liv and Maddie, seeing Dove Cameron as Mal was like watching an old friend in a high school play.
  • Smart Girl’s Guides: I’ve got anxious/shy/slow to transition/whatever kids, and in a number of different situations, these easy to relate to kid language self help books for kids have really helped out my daughters for the past few years. My 11 year old is particularly leaning on the A Smart Girl’s Guide: Middle School these days!
    (FoxTrot Comics and National Geographic Kids books are also hot in our house this summer!)
  • The fascination with Tiny Houses. I’ve always dreamed about motor homes, but as a vacation and adventure vessel. I can’t wrap my head around Tiny Homes full time. I can easily live without cable TV, with only a few wardrobe items and shoes, and using library and digital books instead of a collection. But if you are in a Tiny Home, do you only have one roll of toilet paper on hand? No backup supply of Advil? No canning? Only a week’s supply of dog food? It does inspire me to purge purge purge here!
  • The idea of this zucchini tot recipe, which will happen here soon.
  • I finally made my first paracord bracelet after years of wanting to try. Tying the bracelet was way easier than I thought (my 7 year old son got it easily after the first knot), but tying it off/tucking it was a little tricky!
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  1. We love the Penderwicks series too – I think I love it as much as Sharanya does. I overhear random conversations from the kids like, “S: MOVS, come to order! D: Second the potion! S: It’s not “potion”! D: Second the ocean! Third it! Fourth it!”

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