Garden Updates 9.16.2014


Boo. My garden is gone now. There are a few things out there growing, but it’s basically just parsley. We put most of our garden space into tomatoes that ended up blighted this year, and a few other things that just never took off. We certainly aren’t pulling up root vegetables like Sarah posted last week.

I wasn’t feeling well through most of summer and we spent a lot of time visiting family, so I didn’t get a chance to eat up as much of our farm share boxes as usual (not to mention “our farm” had a few set backs and has gotten smarter about growing things, giving us not the bounty in certain areas that we are used to in the past). This all resulted in me preserving a whole lot more stuff than usual.

One of my all time favorite kids books is Blueberries for Sal (Amazon affiliate link). And this summer I pretended that I was Sal’s mother often. Almost weekly I was saying to myself Now, Sal, you run along and pick your own berries. Mother wants to take her berries home and can them for next winter.” It wasn’t berries (and unfortunately, not pesto, our basil never did come back), but we ended up with a good haul put up.




lots and lots of crushed tomatoes,



waaaaay too many dill and hot pickles,


grean beans, snow peas and assorted greens and other veggies in the freezer,


and today eggplant getting ready to be breaded, baked and frozen. YUM.


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