Garden September 11, 2013


While I was walking into my sons school yesterday a women walking with me started making small talk about the weather. She was not looking forward to today because of the forecasted hot temperature. I said I was excited for the hotness, hoping it would finally ripen up some on my vegetables. As we kept walking this strange women said that she had always thought gardeners were so wonderful. She commented about how gardening slows life down and how she wished she had time to grow her own food.

Here are some peeks at my garden this week.


I think golden rod is a weed, but I grow it at the end of the driveway for bus stop entertainment in the fall. The bumble bees are very busy.

garden 9.11 4

As I sit in my dinning room typing this I can see the tomatoes on the porch ripening. I swear they were yellow this morning and now more red!!!

garden 9.11 garden 9.11 2 garden 9.11 3

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