New Years Wishes For You.


Happy New Years, Friends!

May you enter your house and have a 10-15 minute quiet transition period to put your bag down, check your mail/voice mail/email, pee, make a sandwich, or just hang up the jackets thrown on the ground and take a deep breath, without the phone ringing, someone requesting your attention, a fight breaking out, or discovering the hot water tank busted – at least 3 out of every 5 entries.

May you never over cook the roast when guests are coming over or forget the cookies in the oven in the hour before the party or get stuck in traffic long enough the takeout is cold before you get home (or pick it up).

May you exhibit mind over matter and calmly hold still for the entire duration of dentist appointments, mammograms and other similar not so pleasantries.

May the smell of your bathroom not be a dead giveaway that a little boy with poor aim lives in your house.

May you feel special and individual, but not different.

May you remember to drink a lot of water.

May you know that your best is all that you are ever expected to do. People really are not judging (or noticing) you as much as you think.

May you know your happy places and be able to reach them quickly and easily. And may the place(s) you call home be similarly accessible.

May you attain closure where you seek it.

May you maintain your patience more than lose it.

May you never feel lonely, but appreciate time alone.

May belly laughs come often.

Happy New Year! Happy beginnings, endings, and continuations. Happy crafting, baking, reading, napping, laughing, errands, learning, sharing, playing, exploring, enjoying, and being.

Best wishes to everyone for a great 2013!

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  1. Thanks Jenny! Happy 2013! May it be filled with wonder and blessings!

  2. This is great. Thanks for the wishes, and the great blog!

    May your children always remember to pick up their toys, or if not always, at least once in a while. 🙂

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