Trash or Treasure?

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Recently for my niece’s birthday I sent her trash. She LOVED it!! Here is a list of the stuff that was in the strange shaped package that arrived at her door step in Michigan. I filled two cylinder coffee cans with:

  • lots of fabric scraps (not 1/4 yard, but tiny triangles of fabric – really truly my trash)
  • ends of yarn balls
  • partly knitted thing
  • old wrapping paper
  • a couple clothes pins

The only thing that was new was a roll of tie dye Duct tape. She immediately started creating. She is a girl after my own heart!! Her poor mom is overwhelmed by her overflowing bedroom. It probably looks like my studio. What I consider supplies others consider trash. I am sure it is filled with finished creations, partly finished creations, and pieces just waiting for that one last inspiration.

When we visited she whipped these critters up in no time.



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