Vacation tricks


Even though we drive to most of our vacations or family visits in our big mini van. We don’t take everything with us. We fill the sky box on the roof, the way back, under the kids feet, and under our feet. Still we can’t fit handy things like stools or bed rails. I was reminded of some of the solutions I have come across over the last several years last weekend when we were on our first over night outing of the season.


Big pots as bathroom stools. At many rental houses by the beach in New England there will even be a huge lobster pot. That might be too tall and tippy for your little one. A normal large pot will help in reaching the sink to brush teeth.



Pillows and towels as bed rails. In the picture the mattress was on the floor so the throw pillows worked well to prevent the two year old from rolling out. I put them under the fitted sheet to keep them in place. If the mattress is not on the floor a rolled up towel under the fitted bottom sheet will also do the trick.

Do you have any solutions for summer travel? For young kids? For older kids?

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