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Sarah asked what everyone’s kids were reading. My kids are almost constantly with a head inside of a book so we are all over the place. I just went around and took some un-staged pictures of what is beside (or on) their messy beds as a quick cross section. They all enjoy reading the same books over and over with new ones mixed in.

First, I’ll say that the hottest thing in my house that all of my kids are very into is Raina Telgemeier. My girls have owned Smile and Sisters for a couple months and have re-read them weekly. My son very much enjoys them too. My ten year old got Drama yesterday and each girl read through it twice with the boy crying he wanted a turn.

This is my six year old son’s room:


He is super into graphic novels. He’ll even read the non-fiction ones from the library on Volcanos and Greek Mythology. He was inspired by Giants Beware! (it’s back at the library) and is obsessed with learning to cook this week. He loves FoxTrot and talks about the characters like they are friends (“Mom, guess what Jason did at dinner last night?!”) For chapter books, he enjoys Stink, Flat Stanley , George Brown , Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Zapato Power, and really random books he’s probably too young for.


This is my eight year old daughter’s bed:


Her favorites are The Lemonade War Series, Beverly Cleary (especially Ramona), Judy Moody (and Stink), Nancy Clancy , The Critter Club , and National Geographic Kids Chapter books on animals.


And my ten year old’s bed:


She logs the most amount of time reading in our house (a few hours or more per day – I’m not exaggerating), but in an effort to encourage parents to lay with her at night, she recently cleared off the giant book piles she normal sleeps amongst. The usual teeter-y Jenga-esque pile next to the bed just holds a Kindle and a couple diaries today. The Land of Stories series is at the top of her favorites list.  She is a huge Wendy Mass fan, and likes Cindy Callaghan’s Lost In series as well. She leans towards those sorts of books, but will reads pretty much anything from any genre and I don’t try to keep up. She has a big passion for Muse magazine lately.

And that’s what’s going on in at our house!


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  1. Ah, this makes me happy- I used to hide in my room and read for hours!

    • What were your favorite books? I remember in middle school laying in a sleeping bag in a hammock and reading through the entire Peter Pan, and (like songs often are) it’s one of my favorite books, purely because I associate with the experience laying around for hours reading in a hammock.

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