Ribbon Headband


Here’s a quick, easy and useful (if you are into this sort of thing) project: ribbon headbands. I feel like maybe Sarah makes these too, but didn’t see them in our archives. A velvet ribbon backer is the key to keep these from slipping around on your head, and suitable for work outs (or slippery heads).



You only need ribbon and elastic. The width and dimensions should be based on preference of fit and what is available in cute ribbon. I use headbands around the house that fit to get length dimensions for our small heads.



I use grosgrain ribbon for the top layer and velvet ribbon on the bottom with a braided elastic. I used two layers on the top here to get in team colors, but a single top layer is probably slightly more comfortable.


Just stitch together the layers of ribbon, fold the ends under (you may want to use pinking shears or melt slightly to avoid fraying), shove the elastic in the ends and stitch securely. Done.


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