I’m getting my back to school life sea legs. After just two days, I’m still quite shaky. I wanted to post about school starting and have some recipes to share and a few other ideas, but stuff has come up and now I sat down to post something, but I’m super tired. So I started procrastinating and looking through summer pictures on my computer. I came upon these pictures of an interesting beetle my daughter and I found in our backyard this summer.


So being in procrastination mode, I had to Google information about the beetle instead of the work I set out to do. I’ve seen similar beetles before in our yard. Well, by golly, I’m glad I did look it up. This type of beetle with fake eyes on the back are called Click Beetles, and they don’t threaten our garden. These are named Click Beetles because of a behavior they have of tossing themselves onto their backs and then snapping together two hinged sections of their body to flip themselves into the air (making a clicking sound) and either landing on their feet again or flying away. I had no idea. Apparently Click Beetles do this aerial act when they feel threatened or if they are turned on their backs (which I might consider a threatening act). Apparently, my daughter and I were not very threatening (even when moving this beetle to the tarp for his picture session), but you can guess if we ever see one again we might try to turn one over. We¬† thought this guy looked cool and didn’t know he came with tricks.

I thought you might like to try that too and see this trick/hear the click some day if you happen across the path of one of these (you can google for more information, and I saw a few YouTube videos of the clicking). Be gentle please!





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