The Pulley


We have become professional road trippers over the last several years. I have written about it here. The last week of August we drove to Canada again and made some changes  to the mini van that seemed to  improve the drive.

1. We took out the seat behind the driver in the middle row. Allowing for very easy entrance and lots of room for the dog.

2. We lined up all three kids in the back row. The girls on either window in 5 point harness big car seats and the boy in the middle on a booster. This helped with the show watching. We don’t have a built in screen. When we showed the DVDs on a laptop we collapsed the other middle seat and rested the laptop on the folded seat.

van pully

3. We rigged up a pulley. The kids and I have talked about this for years. We finally ran a rope from the passenger side handle above the door to the handle in the far back way behind the driver.  Then clipped a carabiner to the rope and attached a small basket that transferred snacks and stuffed animals back and forth.

I actually got to sit in the passenger seat and knit for much of the trip.

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