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I recently got an Easy-Macro Cell Phone Lens Band (amazon affiliate). It is super fun for me. I wanted to share it here. Mostly because my family is sick of me saying “Look at this!” by now and my excitement about it hasn’t worn off yet.

There are probably better macro lenses for your smart phone camera if you are interested in photography and they are all relatively cheap. I chose this one to start with for a few reasons.


As you may have noticed I really love looking super close at things and taking close up pictures. I don’t know if anyone else tries to take close up pictures very often, but I can’t focus very close with my iPhone camera alone.  I picked this lens because it was cheap, simple, I can leave it on my phone, put my phone in my pocket with it on, and I remember seeing some time ago that at least one of the ladies at www.mudpuddlestometeors.com (I have no affiliation, but am a fan), uses this or something similar.

Here it is on my phone. It makes the camera lens look like a goggled minion eyeball.


It’s a little piece of plastic glued into a rubber band and it totally works as it should. It comes in a credit card size small packet, so is easy to carry around in your pocket, wallet or purse if you don’t leave it on the phone, but also would make an excellent small something gift to stick in a card, to mail, or as a stocking stuffer, if you know someone into this sort of thing or are looking for a different sort of gift.

I’m having so much fun entertaining myself with this toy. Here are a few pictures taken with my iPhone and the Easy-Macro lens. I’m sparing you all having to see all of the close ups of found dead bugs I photographed, but they are fascinating too.

IMG_5036 IMG_5027

Here is Mona Lisa’s eyeball from the cover of a library book. IMG_5029 IMG_5025 IMG_5032 IMG_5031 IMG_5034



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