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Inspired by a My Girlish Whims project and the world just starting to transform from brown to green around here, we decided to spice up a window in my girls’ room with paper fan flowers.


There are at least a few ways to make paper fan flowers. You can use the a My Girlish Whims sort of technique, or you can use the more popular (at least if you are a scrapbooker) method described here and many other places. They all end up looking more or less the same.

If your kids can fold a paper fan, they can do this project, just don’t expect uniformity and straight lines. Even the crooked flowers turn out okay in the end (particularly when they are hanging up somewhere not so close to eye level). We couldn’t find our hole punch (or at least the one that would work for this) and safety pinned a bunch of flowers to a lace, and then tied the lace onto a valance rod for a quick finish.


This could make an easy decoration for a party or a cool mobile.




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