Kinetic Sand


Kinetic Sand has been around for a little while. It is that sand you can buy that sticks together, but isn’t sticky. You can make castles and forms that don’t dry out. I thought it was over rated. Why not play in the old fashioned sand box or go to the beach. Until my little one started loving it at school. It is pretty cool to play with sand indoors with less mess.

Instead of shelling out $15 for a package I thought why not make some of our own. There are several recipes out there. I thought I would start with this one using corn starch.

It was super fun! The big kids liked the experiment of mixing it together. The little ones liked playing with it.

I first sifted some sand from our sand box. It still wasn’t as smooth as the store bought stuff. I think there was about 5 plus pounds. k sand 1

Added 2 cups corn starch. k sand 2

Then water – about 2 cups –  I think too much. Then we added a bit more sand.

k sand 3P.S. I know our email subscribers get confused between Sarah and Jenny’s posts. (This is Sarah by the way). I realized today that our hands are similar and in many of our pictures. This does not help the confusion. We’ll talk about accessorizing to help differentiate.

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