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Like a lot of people with younger kids, I empty and refill the┬álibrary bag with twenty to thirty books each week. We like books. The majority of the time my preschooler and I check books out during school day while my girls are in school, so I’m picking out books on the girls’ behalf. I get range from picture books, chapter books, graphic novels to all sorts of non-fiction books.


I came in from walking the dog the other day to find my two younger kids jumping up and down and waiting at the door for me to thank me for a few of the books I picked that week. They said how much fun they just had looking through them. If you know my kids and household, you might have the impression that kind of thing happens a bunch, but that was a first.

If you haven’t looked through the non-fiction section lately, take another look, it can be way more fun than you might imagine.


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