Salt Scrub



The week between Christmas and New Years we spent in South Carolina visiting family. Most of the trip was consumed by the “Awesome Club” which sounds a lot like Jenny’s kids and there cousins spy adventures when they gather together. Check out her post about the bags she put togehter for them. Were they a hit Jenny? My kids and their cousins were entertained by coding and walkie talkies and an occasional swim. One day we ventured out to lunch and an animal exhibit. While most of the group (13 of us that ranged from mid 70s – 2 years old) were engrossed in the snakes and alligators that they could hold. My twelve year old niece and I were very curious about the salt scrub that they offered samples of in the bathroom and for sale in the shop. Then it appeared for sale at the lunch place. On the way home we madly looked up the recipe which turned out to be very easy. And convinced our caravan of cars to stop at a super market to pick up the supplies we needed.

It just occurred to me that you may not know what a salt scrub is. It is basically oil and salt that you spoon into your dry hand. After rubbing your hands together for a minute you rinse them in water. Your hands feel smooth, moisturized, and not greasy. I find I am washing and hand sanitizing my hands so much during the winter they are often very dry and even cracked. The salt scrub fixes them right up.

Salt Scrub


  • 30 oz. Coconut Oil
  • 40 oz. Kosher Salt
  • Drop of Almond Extract (optional)


  1. Decant the Coconut Oil and salt in to a large bowl.saltscrub1
  2. With standing or hand mixer mix it together. Sort of like you are creaming butter and sugar for cookies. saltscrub2
  3. Add extract. We had almond and wanted a tropical smell with the coconut and almond. It is unnecessary to use an extract or you can use vanilla or and essential oil if you have them already.
  4. Scoop into container. We chose the Gladware because that is what they had at the market. They have worked well to have on the edge of the sink and not have worry about glass breaking. A mason jar would work great too. saltscrub3
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