Tie Dye


tie dye 4Those who know me well have probably been wondering when I will post about tie dye.  I found a tie dying kit a bunch of years ago and thought it would be fun to do with my nieces when we were all together one summer. We had a great time dying t-shirts for the whole family, including my rather conservative father in law.  My big boy was not yet two. Since then he has been a huge fan of tie dye. For about two years he refused to wear much else. So I became quite a pro at tie dying stuff. Tie dying is one of those wonderful processes I love. There are stages and a system, but it is very unclear what the final result will look like. As a result the untying of the shirt is so exciting.

The kit I bought years ago is still the one I recommend. It is by Jacquard – you can find it here.  It uses bottles to distribute the dye. I remember tie dying  at camp, dunking the shirts in big buckets. And the shirts always came out in pastel colors. As you can see below these colors are very vibrant. The bottles make it easy for little ones to tie dye and allow you to use more colors on one shirt. The directions in the box are very strait forward. There is even a DVD that describes how to make different designs. tie dye 2 tie dye 3 tie dye 1

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