compost2I have been admiring everyone’s Jack-o-Lanterns on their front stoops. Then it occurred to me that this week hundreds of thousands of hollowed out pumpkins will end up in trash bins and then landfills. This thought inspired me to write about compost.


We like to compost lots of food stuffs: egg shells, ends of bread no one eats, sandwich crusts, veggie peels, coffee grounds (and filter), apple cores. As well as yard waste. We live in the woods with lots of critters (including our dog). Our old compost bin was a black plastic box with a lid;  it was difficult to turn the compost and very easy for critters to get the top off. I researched  lots of  different styles. We wanted to make our own. The chicken wire fencing systems didn’t work because of the critters. We considered the rain barrel / trash can. We settled on this model. It has worked great for the last two years. Very little wear and tear. Great compost is created from our waste.

What we do with the compost? It mostly goes into the veggie garden and flower beds. I also use it in potting my house plants.

How do we collect the compost? We use a stainless steal contain that sits right next to the kitchen sink. It fills about every other day and then I dump it out into the back yard container. It doesn’t stay in the house long enough to smell.

Here is a great article about a couple of teenage boys making a business out of composting.

Please consider composting. Many towns sell discounted compost bins. All those pumpkins deserve a better place than the landfill.

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