Fabric Stash Project: Giant Scrunchie


srcunchie8One (of many) reasons that growing up in the 80s was so fun was that the very first thing I learned to sew was a scrunchie. I remember carefully searching my moms fabric scrap pile, finding a fun pattern, cutting a long strip, folding it in half, and sending it through the sewing machine really slowly. After only a couple more steps it went right to use.

Now 25 years later I found my self making a scrunchie for my kids. But it is huge! It started with an idea my little ones physical therapist recommended.   Play a game by rocking back and forth while singing “Row Row Row Your Boat” with a large elastic band to again strengthen her core.  I remembered playing with a stretchy, fabric covered circle in a past music class. Once again I started searching through my fabric scrap pile – now for big pieces. This is what I came up with:

Giant Scrunchie


  • Fabric scraps – rectangular shapes 6 inches wide x how ever long you would like
  • 1/2 inch elastic *
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • needle

* The length depends on how many kids are going to play with it. I made my elastic about 5 feet long. So the circumference of the scrunchie is 5 feet as well.  It is perfect for 4 people to play with.


  1. Cut out long rectangles from several different pieces of fabric. I chose different textured fabric: fleece, flannel, canvas, cotton sheeting, and cotton with a ribbed texture. I felt it was good for exposing the little ones to different sensory experiences. Cut the rectangles about 6 inches wide. The length depends on how long you want it. When laid out the length should be twice as long as the piece of elastic. srcunchie2
  2. Place two rectangles together with the right sides facing one another. Sew on one of the short sides. Open up and add another piece until you have a long strip. srcunchie1
  3. Fold the long strip in half the long way. So it is now about 3 inches wide and very long.srcunchie3
  4. Sew all the way down the long open side.
  5. Reverse.srcunchie4
  6. To reinforce sew along the edge that you just sewed. srcunchie5
  7. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic. I am once again going to send you to Jenny’s post about Taking in Pants to get a very good description about how to run the elastic through a small opening.
  8. Once the elastic is all the way through sew both ends of the elastic together.srcunchie6
  9. Make sure the tube of fabric is all going in one direction and is not twisted around the elastic. Line up the open ends. Fold one side of the fabric in on it self so it won’t fray. Tuck the other side inside the folded fabric. srcunchie7
  10. Sew together. I hand sewed this since my sewing machine couldn’t handle the thickness of the fabric.
  11. Play!




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  1. hi, just been asked to make one of these so thanks for the tutorial1 the last bit says number 10. sew together does that mean through all thelayers including the elastic or just to close the fabric gap?thank you x

    • Amanda,
      If your sewing machine can handle it you can sew through all the layers or hand sew it around the edge just joining the fabric together.
      Thanks for the feedback!

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