Freezer Egg Sandwiches

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My kids and I are morning people, but my sensory middle girl has trouble if she isn’t in control of her own pace in the mornings, or has something different happening later in the day (tests, substitute teachers, after school activities, etc).

What really helps mornings go smoothly for her is a handful of things. One thing we do is make sure she gently wakes up “on her own” (she has an alarm now, but sometimes we have make just enough noise outside her room if it’s not set) with enough time to do whatever she needs to do in the morning (listen to audiobooks, draw a picture, cut stuff up, pet the dog, read, tell us stories, jump on the couch, whatever). Another preparation we make is that all of her stuff is piled near her bag in the morning, she likes to see it in the morning, so we don’t make her pack it before bed, but homework, shoes, gloves, etc should be accounted for. I make sure her laundry is done and back in her room to have the most wardrobe options available (with the help of my husband who is great about  late night switch overs). We keep her brother away if she is feeling prickly and try not to let her get too involved in any project, book or play scenario that she can’t rip herself away easily. And we try to keep lots of her favorite breakfast foods readily available.


Easily available we try to keep cottage cheese, yogurt, cereal, eggs, and cinnamon swirl bread as staples in the house.  I try to keep the freezer stocked with at least one choice of waffles, pancakes, or french toast.  We often have chocolate chip muffins or egg muffins in the fridge. (I’ve been putting protein powder in the waffles, pancakes and muffins, and even slipped in Vega One Meal replacement into the last batch of chocolate chip muffins, which made them a little drier than usual and green, but my kids didn’t turn their noses up at them.) But her favorite breakfast is is an egg sandwich.

We practiced with Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwiches a year ago, and have since started making our own egg sandwiches for the freezer. These also make a good protein rich after school snack when she comes home ravenous.

Our favorite way to make the egg is the Pioneer Woman method of making something like a crepe. Just whip up some eggs with a little bit of milk or water in a bowl, and pour out a thin layer into the hot pan to cook. Flip once and you are done. A whole batch of eggs can cook quickly in the time that you bake a batch of bacon. We use about an egg per sandwich and a tablespoon or so of milk or water for every few eggs.


While American cheese is fine for a fresh egg sandwich, it’s not great on the freezer version. We prefer  slices of cheddar, swiss or colby jack.

Choose whatever you like for bread – we’ve tried ciabatta rolls, finger rolls, homemade bicuits, and bagels. Croissants, whole wheat bread or wraps might be other great choices. You may want to toast some of these options before freezing to help it from getting to chewy.

We’ve tried bacon and sliced breakfast sausage for meats. My kids prefer just a little bit of bacon or no meat. Obviously these are fully customizable if you want to add veggies into your eggs, use egg whites, use ham slices, whatever your pleasure.

Heating up the sandwich takes a little practice and will depend on your bread and microwave. For the Jimmy Dean sandwiches, there was a process that went something like 1 minute and 30 seconds on 50% power, flip, 40 seconds on high power, let rest for 30 seconds. Pioneer Woman suggests just 1 minutes on high power. We find something in between works best, but again depends on what the bread it.


I definitely recommend these for families needing easy quick prep breakfasts (great for early hockey mornings now!), or quick snacks for growing kids. In less than an hour you can prep a few dozen sandwiches for the freezer.

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