Humming bird feeder

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humming birdWe also like to feed our back yard birds. The action at the feeder is the center of conversation as we eat since we have hung one right out side the window. However like Jenny it comes with the annoyance of other critters. And the mess it causes on the porch that is right under it. The Cirque du Soleli moves that the squirrel try to reach the feeder were fun to watch the first time, but are getting old.

I have found humming bird feeders are all good! The only other critters are ants that get into the feeder. Humming birds are the most amazing to watch. The food that you provide in the feeders has little cost. For our feeder I heat 2 cups of water on the stove and mix in 1/2 cup of sugar until it dissolves. It is generally a 1:4 ratio of sugar to water. Make sure the water is cooled before it goes into the feeder.

Happy bird watching!


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