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I love watching the birds in my yard. I like mentally tracking their routines and watching for new visitors. For this reason, I really like to put bird feeders out, but as I’ve mentioned before, this draws a crowd that is fun once in a while, but that I don’t necessarily want hanging around my yard hording the food on a daily basis. Still, I put out bird feeders in the winter. Here are some neighbors that like to stop by with regularity (pictured a few weeks ago).


A few years ago I took a picture of a cardinal in the snow, here’s a picture of the picture:


Since then my mother-in-law continues to challenge me to get another nice picture of a cardinal and lots of snow. As we have been stuck home most of vacation, there has been a lot of snow, and Mr. Cardinal and Mrs. Cardinal have started coming by regularly, this has seemed like a great week to finally meet the challenge. The birds visit twice per day and the first is around breakfast. My family is good for a “The cardinal is here!” scream and I zip outside and try to get a shot. But no luck. My camera lenses aren’t good enough to stay far enough away that Mr. Cardinal will stay in place nicely for a picture. I tried assuring him that I just need one good picture and then will leave him be, but still, he flees and won’t come back even when I wait very still.

I figured I’d share a few of this weeks attempts and some other pictures, so Nonna knows I haven’t given up.














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