Keurig Latte


Here is something I’ve been working on over the past month when the snow has left me home bound: making lattes at home with my Keurig.


It’s taken some practice, but I’ve got it down pretty good now. My husband, who doesn’t drink coffee at home because he is not at all a fan of k-cup produced coffee, has been really enjoying our homemade lattes over the past few weeks.


The special supplies I use are Solofill Cup (affiliate link) and a Bodum Milk Frother (affiliate link).


You could use any brand of either. The Bodum frother is fragile, we’ve broken a few in the past, but I can heat it straight on the stove.


I pack the Solofill cup with ground espresso (Wegmans brand has been good for us), and let it ride… We dust with a little Sugar in the Raw. Yummm… Who needs to go out?


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