Shutting down the garden


We are cleaning out the garden this week. There were a few odds and ends left to harvest.

There were some herbs. I’ve dried herbs (and have some drying now). I’ve also tried freezing herbs “fresh” or submerged in olive oil or water in ice cube trays. This time I cleaned the herbs, put the leaves in the blender with a little olive oil and blended that together. It’s pesto-esque. I put the mash in ziploc bags, flattened everything in the bag out, and froze that. With it flat it’s easy to break off chunks of any size to drop in soups, sauces, or whatever. I put parsley and basil together because I often use them together and I was on a roll pulling off leaves and tossing them into the blender so just went through the pile I had.



We also had this eggplant that looks like a snow man’s mitten.



Along with a few of his buddies.


The eggplant, plus the herbs, a few (mealy) tomatoes – it’s easy math to figure out what developed.





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